Funeral Transport Services

Thos. Furber & Co. Ltd. Funeral Directors

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Transportation – Hearses & Limousines

The cost of the funeral will include the use of the hearse and one limousine.


We run a fleet of two Ford Fairline limousines and two SAAB 95 hearses. The charge for limousines will include transport from the address you wish to be collected from and then through to your final destination after the funeral, within a limited distance. Our limousines are chauffeur driven and will carry up to six passengers.

Horse Drawn & Motorcycle Hearses 

One of our SAAB 95 hearses is provided within the cost of the funeral, but we are also able to hire a horse drawn or a motorcycle/ trike hearse if you wish to have a traditional or more modern funeral.

The horse drawn hearse is usually drawn by two horses however it can be drawn by as many as six horses but at an additional cost. The one most people remember is the horse drawn hearse used for the funeral of Paul O’Grady’s mother- Lily Savage.

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