Along with the New Year comes the ‘new’ New Year resolutions, but are they new or do you just carry on your age old tradition of the same resolutions that you never achieve?

Some of the top ten resolutions for 2015/16 for us Brits were;

  • Stay fit and healthy
  • Get organised
  • Lose weight
  • Quit smoking
  • Spend less and save more
  • Enjoy life to the full
  • Spend more time with the family

How often do you religiously stick to your resolutions and achieve any of them? According to a study from the University Of Bristol in 2007 only 12% of us will succeed, so why not become one of those 12% by taking out a Golden Charter Independent Way Plus Funeral Plan?

By arranging an Independent Way Plus Funeral Plan you will not only achieve one but four resolutions! How?

1. The first of your achievements will be ‘saving and spending less money’ as you will have a guarantee that that our costs, the Funeral Director, will be at today’s prices.

2. Your second achievement of your resolutions will be ‘getting organised’  by arranging your funeral so that your family will benefit from knowing what you would like for your funeral and not having to worry about the money afterwards.

3. & 4. Your last two achievements…you can now ‘spend more time with the family’ and ‘enjoy life to the full’ without worrying about what will happen for your funeral when you are gone.

So, why don’t you achieve four of those New Year resolutions in ‘one fell swoop’ and arrange a Golden Charter Independent Way Plus Funeral Plan now!

You could also complete a fifth resolution with the Independent Way Plus Funeral Plan if you decide to take out a Will too with the plan!

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