Yes, we know, we didn’t think coffins could be motorised either! That’s why we were rather interested when we came across this unusual challenge set by two car fanatics in Perth, Scotland. Allan Brand and Arthur Middleton have spent months creating the ‘Grim Reaper’, a cast iron casket combined with a souped-up engine from an old Rover. The car nuts bought the cast iron casket from a seller in Birmingham, the previous owner had planned to be buried in it but unfortunately couldn’t due to council restrictions. Now we know what you’re thinking…but it wasn’t from us at Thos. Furber. and Co. Ltd!

Arthur himself is rather experienced when it comes to wacky hearses, he runs his own funeral company and has two souped-up hearses complete with ear-splitting exhausts; one is pink and the other is black with flames painted on the bodywork- we’d like to see that!

They plan on setting a new record in May, the current record is at 62mph but Arthur is hoping to smash this by almost doubling it to 120mph.

Good luck to you both from Thos. Furber. and Co. Ltd. we will be waiting for the outcome.