Family Flowers Only

As Funeral Directors we are seeing that more and more families are requesting donations, in lieu of flowers, in memory of their loved one for a favourite charity or one that may be linked to their loved  one’s care or health before they passed away. A funeral with no flowers is very
sad and feels uncompassionate, so the family will request that there will be ‘family flowers only’.

How Much Should I Donate?

So, you have found out that donations are requested in memory, but ‘How much do I donate to the charity?’ we are sometimes asked as the Funeral Director, that is a very good question, but has so many variables to be able to give a definitive answer.

Most people will dip into their pockets and whatever comes out, goes in the charity box, generally loose change or the odd £5 or £10 note, probably because they didn’t know about the donations in lieu of flowers and were therefore ‘unprepared’, but you will find that you can normally send a donation at a later date to the charity direct, if requested, or to the Funeral Director who may be handling the donations for a few weeks after the funeral has taken place. You can usually find this information on the back of the Order Of Service or in the newspaper announcement for the funeral.

When families ask for flowers in memory or there is no request whatsoever, family, friends and relations will think nothing of spending from £25 to £100 and upwards on a flower arrangement, so when it is donations in lieu of flowers, and you are willing to spend that much on the flowers, why not donate that amount, not less? The charity will receive more benefit from the donation than the money spent on flowers, which are more than likely seen once on the day of the funeral, then discarded.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, be prepared with money for a donation at the funeral, donate what you can afford and don’t feel pressured in donating more. Remember, every penny helps the charity, and please Gift Aid your donation if you are able to, the charity will receive 25% more, because they can reclaim the basic rate of tax on your gift at no extra cost to you.