Repatriation Funeral Services

Thos. Furber & Co. Ltd. Funeral Directors

Telephone: 0121 427 2233


We have considerable experience and are able to carry out repatriation of the deceased either to or from Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

An estimate will be given on request, but you must take into account that many airlines go by the weight of the coffin, etc., so the final account will not be known until the deceased is taken to the airport.

We will advise you of all the documentation, registration, etc., required when the deceased is brought back to the United Kingdom or flown back to the deceased persons country of birth or domicile.

If the deceased is to come from abroad a time for the funeral cannot be arranged until all the necessary documentation is completed from H. M. Coroner and the Home Office.

We will arrange to have all the documentation completed on your behalf.

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